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Cooperating Collection Resource Materials

Print Resources

After the Grant: The Nonprofit’s Guide to Good Stewardship (2010)

America’s Nonprofit Sector, 3rd ed. (2010)

Board Member’s Book (2003)

The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing, 5th ed. (2007)

The Foundation Directory (2010)

The Foundation Directory, Part 2 (2010)

The Foundation Directory Supplement (2010)

Foundation Fundamentals (2008)

Foundation Grants to Individuals (2010)

Foundations and Public Policy (2009)

Foundations Today Series

  • Foundation Giving Trends (2010)

  • Foundation Growth and Giving Estimates (2010)

  • Foundation Yearbook (2010)

Guía para escribir propuestas (2008)

The Grantseeker’s Guide to Winning Proposals (2008)

Guide to Funding for International and Foreign Programs (2010)

International Grantmaking IV (2008)

National Directory of Corporate Giving (2010)

Philanthropy Annual (2010)

Securing Your Organization’s Future (2001)

Social Justice Grantmaking II (2009)

The 21st Century Nonprofit: Managing in the Age of Governance (2009)

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