Scholarship Spotlight

Madeline Hegi Scholarship Recipient

Dane is a junior at Texas Tech University, studying Animal Science, with a concentration in pre-nursing, and a minor in Agricultural Communications.

When Dane isn't studying for class, he's active in several organizations, including the Student Government Association and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) Agri-Techsans. He also volunteers at Raider Church, and Experience Life Church, teaching and leading Bible studies. He also is a student assistance at the Office of the Chancellor in the Texas Tech University System.

With the assistance from the Madeline Hegi Scholarship, Dane was able to focus on school without having to worry about the financial burden that college places on many students. Dane hopes to apply for a Governmental Internship in Washington D.C., or stay at Texas Tech and run for Student Government Association, or potentially take on a role at Experience Life Church, or Raider Church.

Megan is currently attending Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and received the Lubbock Women's Study Club Scholarship. Megan is able to receive medical education and training with the support she received from her scholarship. Megan wants everyone to know how the debt facing medical students can shape the face of medicine: who applies, how they attend school, and which specialty field a medical student chooses.


With scholarships like the Lubbock Women's Study Club Scholarship, Megan says that the future of medicine is being shaped in a positive way. 

Lubbock Women's Study Club Scholarship Recipient
Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship Recipient

Raja is a sophomore, studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He’s on MIT’s varsity track and field team, where his event is pole vaulting. Raja is also a member of several student organizations at MIT. He’s a counselor for Camp Kesem, a camp for children whose parents have or have had cancer. He is a member of the MIT chapter of Design for America (DFA), which tackles social challenges through design innovation, and he is a member of Technique, a photography club.

In addition to his studies and school activities, Raja also had a summer internship with EMBR Labs in Boston, where he was an intern specializing in research and development on the latest multi-sensory wearable technology. Raja has continued working at EMBR Labs throughout the school year.

​Thanks to the Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship, Raja was able to be exposed to a new environment with many amazing and driven people, dedicated to learning and helping others, without the added financial stress of college. Upon graduation, Raja wishes to either be employed at a technology company, or to pursue graduate school, focusing on computer science.

Mallory is a sophomore, majoring in Journalism at Texas Tech University. She was drawn to the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech because of its great reputation. Mallory immediately fell in love with Texas Tech after a campus tour. She hopes to be involved with student media, either with The Daily Toreador, or online student media outlet, TheHub@TTU. Mallory is interested in electronic media and communication aspect of journalism.


Looking toward the future, Mallory would love to work for a news organization like Vice, and make documentaries about global and international affairs and issues. She also has discovered an interest in investigative journalism.


Mallory is able to explore these different options instead of worrying about the financial stress of tuition, thanks to the Charles A. and Grace Guy Tuition Scholarship.

Charles A. and Grace Guy Tuition Scholarship Recipient