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CFWT Grant Story: Early Learning Centers of Lubbock, Inc.

The Early Learning Centers of Lubbock, Inc. received funding at the beginning of 2020 for a kitchen remodel at their Talkington location. The Talkington location is the organization’s largest center and regularly has a full enrollment. The nonprofit explains, “Because we are a licensed childcare center, we are required to meet the same food and health guidelines that restaurants follow.”

The cabinets and countertops, built in the 1980s, damaged and warped, were no longer safe for food preparation. This was a problem for the organization as, “The cook at this center prepares breakfast, lunch, pm snack, baby bottles, formula, and baby food for the children each day as well as wash the dishes from all the meals multiple times a day.”

With the newly renovated kitchen, ELC is back to what they do best, caring for the children of our community. An ELC representative states, “Thanks to this grant we will be able to continue preparing the meals for the children so they can work on the lesson plans and continue to grow and develop for kindergarten.”

Support local nonprofits, like Early Learning Centers of Lubbock, by donating to the Community Foundation of West Texas with the following link:




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