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CFWT Scholarship Spotlight: William Cook

William Cook is a first-year architecture student at Texas Tech University. William explains why he chose this major, “I like untangling messes and making the work make sense. Architecture values order.” His career goals are to either become an architect or an urban planner.

William’s volunteer activities included NHS, Library of Congress, Dream Center, and Hillside Christian Church. William is also a rotary scholar and a National Merit commended scholar, along with a list of other scholarships and awards.

William wrote in his report: “Through my ability to work fewer hours, I have been able to commit to spending a day every week caring for my grandfather, a mid-stage patient of Alzheimer’s. During this time, I can further foster our relationship as the end of his life approaches and provide my grandmother with the security of mind to know that she can see her friends and run necessary errands without worrying about my grandfather wandering off or causing himself harm.”

To apply for a scholarship through the Community Foundation of West Texas or donate to a scholarship fund, visit


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