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Hockley County Endowment Grant Story: Bill's Backpacks

Bill’s Backpacks works to provide food for children on weekends and holidays when schools are not open. With funds from the Hockley County Endowment in 2019, the organization provided over 4,400 bags and more than 400 boxes of food for students in need. A Bill’s Backpack representative explains that the backpacks help, “to ensure that these students arrive back to school on Monday ready to learn because they aren’t fighting their most basic need of hunger.”

This project included the organization setting up a storage room, a website, a Facebook page, a bank account, a way to donate electronically, and completed the approval process to become a 501(c)(3). The nonprofit also came up with ways to collect food donations and efficiently bag and store backpacks for weekly deliveries.

If you want to support nonprofits in the Hockley County area, like Bill’s Backpacks, donate through the following link.

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