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CFWT Scholarship Spotlight: Mercedez Yanis

2022 Christine DeVitt Scholarship recipient Mercedez Yanis is pursuing a degree in education, with a concentration in Teacher Prep Education, at Texas Tech University. The 2012 Lubbock High School graduate says she has always enjoyed helping others and knows teaching children new skills will be worthwhile. After graduation, Mercedez plans to stay in Lubbock and secure a teaching position within LISD as an elementary teacher.

Mercedez writes, "Although I am a non-traditional student, obtaining a degree in education is very important to me." She says, "I have undergone two open heart surgeries during my life--once as a toddler and the other as an adult. I have congenital heart disease and have decided that I do not wish to be a victim of my disease, which is why obtaining a degree and being able to help children is of immense importance."

Mercedez closes her report with, "By selecting me for the Christine DeVitt Scholarship (Education), you have helped alleviate some of the financial burdens that follow attending university, thus allowing me to stay committed to my studies. I will not forget how much you have helped me get one step closer to achieving my goals--I assure you I will continue to work hard so that I may assist others in time as a teacher."

To apply for a scholarship through the Community Foundation of West Texas or donate to a scholarship fund, visit


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