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Slaton Area Endowment Grant Story: Weekend Snack Sack Program

Weekend Snack Sack Program purchased food to support food-insecure students attending both Stephen F. Austin Primary and Cathlene Thomas Elementary with funds from the Slaton Area Endowment. The organization elaborates on the project, “These food sacks are intended to help meet the needs of the children, as well as assist the families in providing food for their kids.”

Weekend Snack Sack Program says that the feedback received from the school district has been positive and that families appreciate the opportunity to participate in the program. The nonprofit closed its report with, “Slaton teachers who see first-hand how hunger negatively impacts children in the classroom have noticed an improvement in attendance, attention, and activity with their students.”

To support nonprofit organizations in the Slaton area, like Weekend Snack Sack Program, donate through the following link:


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