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Customized Strategies

How Do I Give Through the Community Foundation of West Texas? 

There are many ways that you can contribute to your community, now and in the future. Our funds allow you to give to the causes that you love the most in the South Plains area. 

Agency Funds
These funds provide financial support consistently and as a conduit of planned gifts. 

Designated Funds
You can designate a certain non-profit agency to continually receive your gift. 

If you want to make an immediate impact...

Donor-Advised Funds
These funds allow donors and their children, if they wish, to recommend grants that support specific non-profit agencies. Donors can learn about the community's needs from CFWT staff and can build a lasting legacy in the South Plains area. 

Scholarship Funds
Scholarship funds are created to assist individuals who are pursuing college degrees, or technical and vocational programs for advancement in the workforce. Donors work with CFWT staff to create selection criteria to find the recipients whose needs are best fitted to the scholarship's intention. 

Field of Interest Funds
You can create a fund to support a variety of non-profit agencies within the same funding category.  

Bequest by Will
A bequest to the CFWT is one of the easiest ways to provide for your community.

Charitable Gift Annuity
A charitable gift annuity is an annuity for one or two individuals that is issued by CFWT in exchange for a gift property.

Charitable Lead Trust
Assets transferred to this trust are returned to the donor eventually, or more often, to the donor's children. Income is paid to CFWT annually while the assets are in the trust.

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust offers a gift to CFWT and provides a current income tax deduction for a future gift.

If you want to plan today to give tomorrow...

IRA or Qualified Plan
Funding a charitable bequest with an IRA or retirement plan can be an effective method for making a gift with estate tax benefits.

Life Insurance
Life insurance policies can be used to create a fund, or CFWT can be named as the owner of a new policy for a fund to be created later on.

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