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Women's Giving Circle


A giving circle is a form of participatory philanthropy where groups of individuals donate their money to a pooled fund, and then decide together at the end of the year what projects and non-profit organizations will receive their distribution.  The group seeks their awareness of and engagement in the issues covered in the circle.


As we all know-giving is rewarding and giving among friends and peers is fun!  Each person in a giving circle brings a different talent and passion to the group.  This is an opportunity to forge new relationships and participate in a community of thoughtful, effective philanthropists who are diverse in age, interests, and backgrounds.  And pooling donations will make a bigger impact as your dollar will go further.


To join this group of passionate women is very simple.  For only $100 a calendar year, this will be a great way for you and your friends (the more the merrier) to make a difference in our region together.

  1.  Mail a check to the

            Community Foundation of West Texas

            6102 82nd Street 8b

            Lubbock, Texas 79424

   2.  Give online by clicking the button below:

Carolanne Purtell, Katie Salter, Linda Greenstreet, Kristin Sellers, Marissa Allison-Scheef, 

Adrienne Williams, Lynette Wilson, Patty D’Alise, Marty Groves, Amber McCloud, 

Gwen Morgan, Courtney Jordan, Barbara Gilley, Dr. Lori Rice-Spearman, 

Charlie Ann Rowten, Christine Lewis, Brenda Berg, Sandy Martinez, Deborah Finlayson,

Darya White, Sharon Prather, Natalie Inderman, Megan Kindle, Leen Borno, Lauri Casler,

Julie Terrell, Tami Swoboda, Tiana Hayslip, Glenda Nalle, Jesse Starkey, Sheila Patterson-Harris, Sandra K. Chatham, Denise Oviedo, Sheila Patterson, Tammy Williams, Veronica Soto,

Sue Stephens, Jessica Banister, Stephanie Holland, Danette Baker, Amy Pinkerton,

Geneva Rodriguez, Lisa Fouse, Melissa Hernandez, Stacey Kollman, Kate DeLavan, Julie Levy, Nedra Hotchkins, Jaime Engler, Lynsey Flores, Gail Malone, Sharon Bass, Vickie Pinkston, Michelle Stephens, Amy Wood, Dahlia Hood

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