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Funding Priorities

Pathways from Poverty

At the Community Foundation of West Texas, we partner with donors and our local nonprofit community to support strategies that make a positive impact on breaking the cycle of poverty in this region.

Investing in What Works
  • We support programs that help low-income individuals and families secure higher paying jobs, strengthen their finances and move up the economic ladder.

  • We inspire and prepare the next generation by supporting quality education and programs that promote the development of life skills and leadership capacity.

  • We provide a “safety net” for those who are vulnerable by funding programs that meet basic needs such as food, clothing, health care, shelter and safety.

Focus Areas

The Community Foundation of West Texas focus areas are broken up into four basic categories: ​

Civic, Social and Economic Development

Promoting pleasant and livable communities with thriving and sustainable economies. 

  • Appreciation and inclusion of diverse cultures

  • Business and workforce development

  • Volunteerism

  • Rural philanthropy

  • Recreation

  • Civic involvement

  • Neighborhood revitalization

  • Tourism

  • Public Safety

    • Disaster preparedness/recovery​

    • Law enforcement

    • Substance impaired driving

  • Nurturing a strong non-profit sector

  • Environment and historic preservation

  • Animal welfare

Education and Youth

Preparing the next generation for adulthood and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all generations. 

  • Early childhood education

  • K-12 education

  • Post-secondary education

  • Youth life skills and leadership development

  • Literacy

  • Adult continuing education and self improvement

  • Experiential learning

  • Successful parenting

  • Libraries

Basic Needs and Self Sufficiency

Assuring that means are available to provide for the basic needs of individuals and families in times of trouble.

  • Moving from poverty to prosperity

  • Employment and training opportunities

  • Financial literacy

  • Housing and shelter

  • Health and wellness

  • Food and clothing

  • Abuse and neglect prevention/intervention

  • Counseling and service coordination

Arts and Culture

Enriching lives through a diverse array of opportunities for the enjoyment and growth of appreciation of the arts.

  • Community events

  • Performing arts

  • Visual arts

  • Museums

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