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Lubbock Downtown Park Fund


Lubbock Downtown Park

Creating Community Connections

A New Gathering Space to Strengthen the Heart of Our City


The Lubbock Downtown Park will be a program and event-oriented public use space in the center of Lubbock, located between Broadway and 13th Street and Avenues L and M, encompassing the entire city block. It will be built using funds from private donations, grants from charitable organizations and funds set aside for downtown improvement projects.

The broader vision for Broadway, as part of the city’s updated master plan for revitalization of the downtown area, is to have a walkable, vibrant, business hub with shops, mixed use office spaces, an indoor market, and housing all centered around a downtown park.

Building a park downtown will serve as a catalyst for other revitalization projects—the park will be a major attraction for current and future downtown residents, businesses, employees, and visitors driving other development projects aimed at repurposing existing buildings into living and working spaces.

The build plans are nearing completion. The space is envisioned to have open lawn space, a multi-use stage, a splash pad, a pet relief area, a public art corner, a game zone for outdoor activities, a food truck court, and other features to enable the park to be a thriving heartbeat and hub of activity in downtown Lubbock.


Ways to give:

  1.  Mail a check to the

            Community Foundation of West Texas with "Lubbock Downtown Park Fund" on the memo line

            6102 82nd Street 8b

            Lubbock, Texas 79424

  1.  Give online by clicking the button below:

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