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About the Friends of the Foundation

In 1981, a group of 12 local leaders envisioned changing the climate of philanthropy in Lubbock and the surrounding counties. The Community Foundation of West Texas was the product of these founding directors. Do you think they ever thought it would amount to giving over $2.5 million a year back to our community?

We are asking you to follow in their footsteps and join the “Friends of the Foundation” to help their dreams continue. For $100 or more annually, you can join our family of supporters who share a mutual love of our community and passion for the work of the Foundation. Your membership will provide the additional support we need to continue granting $2.5 million plus back into our community.

You will be a part of a truly influential organization that is changing the face of the philanthropic community every day. As a “Friend” you will be invited to all of our events and we will keep you up to date on the continued success of the Foundation.

Become a Friends of the Foundation member today!

Click the donate button below to give safely and securely online via PayPal. Please put write "Friends of the Foundation" in the notes section.

If donating by check, please make the check out to The Community Foundation of West Texas with the "Friends of the Foundation" on the memo line and send or drop it by our office. 

Current Friends of the Foundation

R. Michael McCauley, Alan Henry, Sandy Henry, Tim Pridmore, Melissa Pridmore, Norval Pollard, Andrew Seger, Ryan Henry, Melynn Henry, Joe Riker, Tami Riker, Lynnette Wilson, Joseph W. Tombs, Holly Brake, Cindy Whitehead, Tony Whitehead, Nancy Henry Phillips, Christy McClendon, Trey McClendon, Carrie Ellis, Richard Ellis, Sam Ayers, Diann Windham, Donny Windham, Tony Privett, Ainsley Nelson, Tim Sampson, McWhorter, Cobb & Johnson, Stephen Warren, Joseph R. Rapier, Dawn Moore, Carolyn Freeman, Greg Freeman, Jerry Kolander Jr., Velma Medina, Sam Medina, Robert Kollman, Stacey Kollman, Joe Stettheimer, Tracye Stettheimer, Suzanne Blake, Brad Blake, Stephen T. Krier, Lindsay Cooper, Alex Martinez, Sandy Martinez, Mike Moss, Leslie Moss, Gwen Scharp, Ann Linguist, Tom Linguist, Ann Hooks, Randy Hooks, Lydick-Hooks Roofing, Inc , Christine Young, Ali Johnson, Shawn Johnson, Chad Inderman, Natalie Inderman, Tami Swoboda, Mark Swoboda, Kay Houser, John Lee Norman, Gena Holmes, Bud Holmes, Vivian Bravoco, Ralph Bravoco, Karla Ayers, Karen McMahon, Kevin McMahon, Mary Jane Sampson, Jim Sampson, Audrey McCool, Barent McCool, Evelyn Davies, Mont McClendon, Shannon McClendon, John P. Quinby, Barbara K. Quinby, Bill Russell, Pat Russell, Marisa Allison-Scheef, Chris Sellers, Kristin Sellers, Sharon Prather, Laurin Prather, Renee Davis, Calvin Davis, John Salter, Katie Salter, Evensky & Katz, Mark Bass, Betsy Bass, Barbara Gilley, Beryl Waddell, Tim Hatch, Tommie Hatch, Linda Whitebread, Dela Esqueda, Bill Miller, Linda Miller, Janice Stachowiak, Cloyce L. Stetson, Jay Eagan, Carla Stricklin, Geron Stricklin, Karen Worley, Mike Worley, Sharla Wells, Stacy Riker, Beau Riker, Dean V. Loehr, Cole Watts, Veronica Watts, Priscilla Rodriguez, Randa Cates, Rodney Cates, Shelby Brake, Marie Meyer, Marie Brunjes, Jason Henry - Women's Protective Services, Joel Tankersley, Sallye Tankersley, Don Hayden, Janis Hayden, Karen Martin, Marsha Norman, Blane B. Voyles, Lou Ann Bergstein, Pieter Bergstein, Dale Swinburn, Cheryl Swinburn, Roger Karr, Kathy Gilbreath, Jim Gilbreath, Susan Wilson, Frederic (Ric) Wilson, Kathy Stocco, Douglas Stocco, Robert B. Wilson, Tom Neal, Adrienne Williams, Science Spectrum, Clara Ellison, Sarah Thompson, Buddy Thompson, Llano Estacado Silver Star Board, Joe Hornaday, Morris Wilkes, Chris Edwards, Crystal Edwards, Marcus Borhani, Dawn Kelley, Gwen Morgan, Ann McDonald, Craig McDonald, Don Hayden

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