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Endless Possibility

The Community Foundation of West Texas exists to improve the quality of life for all people in West Texas through the development of organized philanthropy.

Friends of the Foundation

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In 1981, 12 leaders envisioned building the climate of philanthropy in Lubbock and the surrounding counties. The Community Foundation of West Texas was the product of these founding directors. We are asking you to join the "Friends of the Foundation" to expand their dreams. For $100 or more annually, you can support the work of the CFWT. You will join a truly influential organization that is changing the face of the philanthropic community every day. As a "Friend" you will be invited to all our events and we will keep you up to date on the continued success of the Foundation. Become a "Friend of the Foundation" supporter today!


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R. Michael McCauley, Alan Henry, Sandy Henry, Tim Pridmore, Melissa Pridmore, Norval Pollard, Andrew Seger, Ryan Henry, Melynn Henry, Joe Riker, Tami Riker, Lynnette Wilson, Joseph W. Tombs, Holly Brake, Cindy Whitehead, Nancy Phillips, Christy McClendon, Trey McClendon, Carrie Ellis, Richard Ellis, Sam Ayers, Diann Windham, Tony Privett, Ainsley Nelson, Tim Sampson, McWhorter, Cobb & Johnson, Stephen Warren, Joseph R. Rapier, Dawn Moore, Carolyn Freeman, Greg Freeman, Jerry Kolander, Velma Medina, Robert Kollman, Stacey Kollman, Joe Stettheimer, Tracye Stettheimer, Suzanne Blake, Stephen T. Krier, Lindsay Cooper, Gracelyn Thomasson, Sandy Martinez, Mike Moss, Leslie Moss, Jerry Kolander Jr., Gwen Scharp, Ann Linguist, Tom Linguist, Jim Lowder, Betty Lowder, Ann Hooks, Randy Hooks , Christine Young, Carol McWhorter, Alison Johnson, Shawn Johnson, Chad Inderman, Natalie Inderman

Upcoming Events and Deadlines




  • Community Funds

    • Due: February 1st, April 1st, August 1st, November 1st

  • E. Jay Matsler Trust for Historic Preservation

    • Due: September 1st 

  • Mini-Grants for Teachers

    • Due: June 15th

  • Sybil Harrington Endowmnet for the Arts

    • January 15th

  • Community Foundation Animal Welfare Endowment

    • January 15th

Our Priorities

Civic, Social and Economic Development

Education and Youth

Basic Needs

and Self Sufficiency

Arts and Culture