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Founding Directors

At the Community Foundation of West Texas's inception, the Board of Directors created the Founder Member Administrative Endowment Fund. The income earned on this fund is used for the operating expenses of the Foundation office, thereby eliminating the need for an annual drive for operating capital. The goal is 200 founder members who contribute $1,000 or more to this fund. At the present time there are 157 names on this roll and new founder member contributions are most welcome. Now, and in years to come, the founder members will be honored by others for their generosity and foresight in wanting to support the Foundation so it will be available to serve others who give for the benefit of worthy causes in Lubbock and the surrounding area. 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Abbott

Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation

Alderson Cadillac, Inc.

American State Bank

Anderson Brothers Jewelers

Dr. & Mrs. Leslie Ansley

Anthony Mechanical, Inc.

Armstrong Moving & Storage, Inc.

Mrs. Baird’s Bakery

Norton & Joan Baker

The Baker Company

Bank of the West

Mr. & Mrs. W. K. Barnett

Mrs. Albert G. Barsh

Michael R. & Jeannie M. Bieber

Mr. & Mrs. Verlon Bigham

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Birdwell

Dr. Travis Bridwell

Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Blakey, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Clem Boverie

Brazos, Inc.

Briercroft Savings Assn.

Dr. A.W. Bronwell *

Brooks Supermarket

Ms. Jane Wilson Bucy *

John W. & Jennifer Burdette *

Mr. & Mrs.Caraway

Mr. & Mrs. Watson Carlock

Mr. & Mrs. C.B. Carter *

Mrs. Paul Cates

Cement & Supply Company

Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Chambers

City Bank

Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Lubbock

David & Myra Collier

Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Collier

Mrs. Fern Cone

Mr. Alex Cooke, Sr. & Mr. Dan Law *

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Cooke, Jr.

Mrs. Annie Lee Cooke

Mrs. Verna Cooke *

Coopers & Lybrand, CPA’s

Mr. & Mrs. John Crews

Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Cummings

Ray & Lou Diekemper *

Mrs. Helen Devitt Jones *


Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kassahn

Jack & Marjorie Kastman *

Mrs. J. Wright Kerr

Mike & Nancy Klein *

Kuykendall Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Kuykendall *

Mr. J.D. Leftwich

Lena Stephens, Inc.

H.C. Lewis Building Contractor

Lee & Debi Lewis

Mary Louise Livermore Foundation

Alan & Sandy Henry

Buster & Verdell Hicks **

Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Hord

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Houser, Jr.

Howard & Cunningham

Anne A. Hubbard

Don & June Hudgeons

Mr. & Mrs. Don Hufstedler

Estelle M. Hufstedler

E.K. Hufstedler Estate

Mr. J.D. Hufstedler

C.R. Hutcheson

Virginia Hutcheson

Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Irish

Mrs. Harmon Jenkins

Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Johnson, Jr.

Mrs. Marcie Johnston

Dr. & Mrs. William Pasewark

Plains National Bank

Mrs. Parker F. Prouty

Robert & Cathy Ranck

Mr. James R. Ratliff

Republicbank Lubbock

Resthaven Funeral Home

Mr. & Mrs. Joe J. Reynolds *

Mr. & Mrs. John Riedinger

Mr. & Mrs. T.A. Rogers

Judy & Randy Rutledge

Mary Beth Scull

Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Dr. & Mrs. John Selby

H.A. & Barbara Sessions

Shadow Hills National Bank

Mrs. Byron A. Shotts

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Sisco

Sitton Drilling Company

Mr. & Mrs. L. Edwin Smoth

Southwestern Public Service Co.

Spears Furniture Company

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Spears

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Stafford

Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Stanley

Tersco of West Texas, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Timberlake

Mr. & Mrs. Tex Timberlake

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Tinney

Mr. & Mrs Fred Underwood

United Supermarkets, Inc.

John & Sandra Walton

Mr. J.M Welborn

Mr. & Mrs., Harry Westmorland

Robert J. & Judith A. Wey

Whisperwood National Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. White

Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Wilkerson, Jr.

Nat & Georgia Williams **

Earl Wade & Barbara Wilson

George C. & Vivian Wilson

J.W. & Corinne Wright     *

Dr. & Mrs. W.H. Long

Lubbock Avalanche Journal

Lubbock Electric Company

Lubbock National Bank

Lubbock Power & Light & Water

Lydick Roofing Co.

Anne Cathey Lynch & Susan Cathey Broome

Mrs. Charles Maedgen, Jr.

Margaret Mahon, Trustee, D.D. Mahon Estate

Mr. John B. Malouf

Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Mangum

La Rita Mason

R.B. Masterson, III Ranch

Phillip M. & Mary Nell Mathis

Mr. G. C. McCrary

Mr. & Mrs. Craig McDonald

Mr. & Mrs. George McDuff

Don & Ethel McLeod

Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith, LLC

Mr. & Mrs. George Miller **

Mrs. Randolph T. Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Murrell **

Mr. Reuel Nash

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Neal

Mr. & Mrs. Tom C. Nichols

Mr. & Mrs. Carl G. Noble

Mr. W.D. O’Brien

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Don Osborne

Padgett Contrstruction Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Paikowski

Mrs. Kara Moore Dunn *

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Eagan

Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Elliott, Jr.

Energas Company

Mary Jo English

Farmers Co-Op Compress

Wayne & Emily Finnell **

Mr. & Mrs. Giles Forbess

Forrest Foundation

Edwin & Evelyn Forrest

Mr. & Mrs. R.P. Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Fulton

Furr’s Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. Tracy D. Gage

Bruce & Mary Gentry

Mr.  Robert A. Gentry

Weldon & Ruth Gibbs

Mr. & Mrs. J. Owen Gilbreath

Mr. Don Graf

Otice & Mary Faye Green

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Guy **

Jack & Shelley Hall Foundation

Hamilton Roofing Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Kent R. Hance

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hatch


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