Featured Grant Story: Contemporary Art Museum Plainview

What is Contemporary Art Museum Plainview? The mission of Contemporary Art Museum Plainview is to connect the local community to a larger cultural dynamic, bringing people and ideas together through contemporary visual art. Contemporary Art Museum Plainview (CAMP) began in 2017 as an initiative led by creatives in the Plainview area to revitalize an old warehouse to serve as a nonprofit arts organization focusing on the “new west” in contemporary art. Contemporary Art Museum Plainview in Action CAMP presented three major exhibitions from March 2018 through December 2018. The Big Flip focused on the art of skateboarding while Patent Pending showcased the art of inventing. Their last exhibit

Featured Grant Story: Friends of Camp Mary White

What is Friends of Camp Mary White? The mission of the Friends of Camp Mary White shall be to solicit members and resources supporting the preservation of the facilities, the natural environment, and the varied historical and cultural traditions of Camp Mary White for the safety, growth, and enjoyment of present and future generations. Camp Mary White is a former Girl Scout camp located in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. The Girl Scout camp closed in 2006 and reopened in 2016 as a private nonprofit camp for girls. Throughout the rich history of Camp Mary White many West Texas girls attend the camp each summer. When Camp Mary White reopened in July 2016 very few West Texas girls atte

Featured Grant Story: Morris Safe House

What is Morris Safe House? The mission of Morris Safe House is to provide protection and care to small animals, primarily dogs, until they are placed in a loving permanent home. They strive to prevent animal cruelty through adequate education and training for the community. They offer many programs in their services areas of Hockley County, Terry County, Lamb County, Dickens County, Hale County, and Lubbock County. The adoption of healthy dogs is not only beneficial to the dog, but to the community. Every new dog admitted to the Morris Safe House is screened for diseases transmittable to dogs as well as diseases transmittable to humans. If a dog tests positive treatment is started the same

Featured Grant Story: Family Promise of Lubbock

What is Family Promise of Lubbock? The mission of Family Promise of Lubbock is to provide homeless families with children the tools necessary to achieve long term financial, parental and personal self-sufficiency through a comprehensive program of temporary housing, case management and supportive services. They have been serving homeless families for 20 years. Families with children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Finding meaningful employment is a challenge for families wishing to escape homelessness. A lack of education prevents most primary wage earners from finding employment that can sustain a family. Educating and training parents is a key element in helpin

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