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Featured Grant Story: Morris Safe House

What is Morris Safe House? The mission of Morris Safe House is to provide protection and care to small animals, primarily dogs, until they are placed in a loving permanent home. They strive to prevent animal cruelty through adequate education and training for the community. They offer many programs in their services areas of Hockley County, Terry County, Lamb County, Dickens County, Hale County, and Lubbock County.

The adoption of healthy dogs is not only beneficial to the dog, but to the community. Every new dog admitted to the Morris Safe House is screened for diseases transmittable to dogs as well as diseases transmittable to humans. If a dog tests positive treatment is started the same day and the dog does not go home until after treatment, spay/neuter surgery, and administration of all vaccines. A lifetime paid ID chip ensures safe return of the dog to their own or to Morris Safe House.

Morris Safe House follows all Texas dog laws and works to inform pet owners of the drastic results of not spaying/neutering pets. All dogs from Morris Safe House are spayed/neutered, resulting in a drastic decrease of unwanted puppies in the South Plains area. Owner care is of utmost importance to the team at Morris Safe House.

Morris Safe House celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2018. Over the past ten years they have adopted and rescued over four thousand dogs. Through a partnership with Animal Medical Center the dogs can be safely evaluated prior to arrival at Morris Safe House. Upon arrival at Morris Safe House each dog is given their own room with a bed, blankets, water, and toys. The dogs live at Morris Safe House until they find their forever home.

Morris Safe House in Action Pixel arrived at Morris Safe House in June of 2018 with a broken jaw as a result of an attack by a bigger dog. Pixel barely survived the attack and was surrendered to Morris Safe House by his owner. The team at Animal Medical Center acted quickly and treated Pixel so that his jaw could heal. Pixel is now happy and healthy having found his forever home in November of 2018.

Dogs like Pixel are what Morris Safe House is all about.

“We cannot save every dog in the world, but we can change the world for those we do save.” – Sallie Morris, Morris Safe House Co-Founder and Owner

To learn more about Morris Safe House, please visit them on Facebook.

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