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CFWTX Grant Story: Levelland Animal Friends

Levelland Animal Friends (LAF) recently administered vital vaccines and treatment to shelter puppies and dogs, thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of West Texas. This initiative not only safeguarded these furry friends from potentially life-threatening illnesses but also provided much-needed relief to those suffering from flea and tick infestations.

The DHPP vaccine, which protects against Distemper, Hepatitis, Pneumonia, and Parvovirus, was given to 170 shelter dogs, filling a critical gap as the city doesn't supply these vaccines for animals. The LAF team expressed their gratitude, acknowledging that this grant made it possible to protect numerous dogs and puppies from these highly contagious and often fatal viruses.

The grant funds also facilitated the provision of flea and tick treatment and prevention to 42 dogs who were suffering from significant infestations. One example was a puppy who had over 200 ticks. The LAF reported, "The inside of her ears were completely covered, and numerous ticks were scattered over her body and packed between every toe. By the next day, after getting the oral medication, the floor of her kennel was covered with dead ticks, and she felt so much better!" This transformation highlights the immediate impact that community support can have on the lives of these animals.

A representative from LAF emphasized the importance of the grant's impact on the dogs and puppies at the Levelland Shelter, stating, "What we were able to accomplish with this grant was so important to the well-being of the dogs and puppies that unfortunately found their way into the Levelland Shelter. We were able to directly provide some comfort and relief from the fleas/ticks, along with helping to protect them from diseases that can make them miserable and often cause death. We are so grateful that we could help these animals that have no voice."

If you'd like to contribute to this worthy cause and support South Plains nonprofits, you can donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas through this link: Your generosity can help bring more comfort, safety, and happiness to animals in need, giving them a brighter and healthier future.

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Shana Lance
Shana Lance
May 13

This makes my heart smile! Thank you, Community Foundation of West Texas for this generous gift! Your selfless gift prevented and ended the needless suffering of these precious, helpless animals. Keep up the good work. I wish we could help them all.

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