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Children’s Fund Endowment

A study recently done in Lubbock shows that Lubbock County has the highest rate of child abuse in the entire state. The number of abused or neglected children in Lubbock County is double the state average. (Source: KAMC) We have the opportunity to help innocent children who have experienced abuse and neglect.

We have created an endowment, the Children’s Fund, designed to help children on the South Plains who have experienced abuse or neglect. Donating to this fund will ensure that children on the South Plains are protected.

How does the fund work?

Funds are invested with proceeds given annually to help children. Investing in this fund is investing in these children’s future. Helping these children now will help them forever. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. For more information on the Children’s Fund or how to donate to the fund, please contact the Community Foundation of West Texas at (806) 762-8061.

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