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Grant Story: CrossView Christian Camp

What is CrossView Christian Camp?

CrossView Christian Camp was established in 2000 in Dickens, Texas, after a local rancher gifted 235 acres and eight building to be used as a children’s camp. CrossView focuses on helping at-risk children, ages second grade through twelfth grade, by bringing them to attend camp at little to no cost. At the camp children are encouraged to embrace a lifestyle of responsibility, citizenship, and character. The camp also assists older children in preparing for adulthood as a thriving adolescent.

The children at the camp are from low-income households who are at-risk for drug use, alcohol abuse, self-harm, teen pregnancy, eating disorders, delinquency, and various other negative behaviors. CrossView Christian Camp partners with area churches and organization to provide a weeklong summer camp experience for the community’s at-risk youth population.

CrossView Christian Camp in Action

In 2012, Trina and her siblings were removed from their home due to their mother’s drug use. They were living at the Children’s Home of Lubbock when Trina attended her first summer camp at CrossView Christian Camp. During this time, a family in Hale Center approached the Children’s Home of Lubbock about the potential of adopting Trina and her siblings. Trina was the oldest and felt responsibility for her siblings and was unsure about the adoption.

Trina came to CrossView Christian Camp angry, confused, and hurt. However, she enjoyed her week at CrossView and bonded with two of the summer staff; Nana and Allie. Nana and Allie were sisters who also came from a troubled background. After Trina’s week at camp was finished, she agreed to the adoption.

Throughout her teenage years Trina was mentored by Nana and Allie. She made the cheerleading squad, became active in her new family’s church, and graduated from high school. As soon as Trina was old enough, she applied to work at CrossView Christian Camp for their summer camp. Trina was hired and excelled at her position at the camp. She was hardworking, competent, and focused on making the camp experience the best it could be for the campers.

Every week during the 2017 summer camp, Trina shared her history and her story. Week after week, the staff at CrossView saw campers, especially teenage girls in foster care, find hope in Trina’s story. They were amazed that such a beautiful, smart, successful young woman had overcome difficulties much like their own.

Trina remains close with her coworkers at CrossView, especially Nana and Allie, as well as the CrossView’s leadership staff. She is in her second semester of college and is doing well. Trina is a remarkable young woman who the leadership staff at CrossView is honored to be part of her victory over poverty, abuse, and other adversities.

To learn more about CrossView Christian Camp, please visit them online at or at

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