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Featured Grant Story: Community Partners of Lubbock

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What is Community Partners of Lubbock?

Community Partners of Lubbock (CPoL) is a volunteer agency committed to linking community projects, programs and services with Children’s Protective Services (CPS) caseworkers through the Lubbock County Rainbow Room. The services and items provided better enable caseworkers to serve the children and families involved with CPS and can ensure safe placement.

In 2015, CPoL helped 986 children. Also provided were 865 pairs of shoes, 974 sets of school supplies, and 100 cribs. Over 4,334 items were distributed by CPS caseworkers to families.

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Rainbow Room items are distributed by CPS caseworkers to families. Many times, these families are benefitting from the Rainbow Room because they are actively seeking to better themselves through Family-Based services (FBSS). FBSS services involve social services while the children remain in their home. Caseworkers educate families on home cleanliness, offer parenting classes and even encourage and help job placement for the parents. The items provided by the Rainbow Room can assist these families during their transition.

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The Rainbow Room plays a role in preventing children from being placed in the foster care system. Caseworkers can assist non-paid relative and active kin placements.The adoption process can be costly, thus creating the need for a service like the Rainbow Room. The Rainbow Room helps families to receive items they need. Also provided are much needed safe sleeping and car safety items. The Rainbow Room also provides necessary items for families involved in investigations, allowing children to remain with their parents while working with CPS if possible.

Community Partners of Lubbock in Action

I received a case involving two sisters. The older sister had been sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend for the past two years. The mother and boyfriend had been together for over five years, and there was little reason to suspect his nefarious intent toward the daughters. Everyone who knew him spoke positively of him.

The older sister never told anyone about the abuse she suffered until she saw her mother’s boyfriend going into her younger sister’s room alone. She knew she had to protect her younger sister, and that was when the older sister told her mother everything.

When the police began an investigation the girls’ pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals had to be taken in for DNA testing. The girls’ mother did not have the money to replace the confiscated items, as her boyfriend had been providing financial stability for her family.

Through the Rainbow Room, I was able to get new comforters, pillows, and blankets for both sisters. This may seem like a small act, but it impacted the girls greatly. Prior to the new bedding, the girls were having to sleep on mattresses without sheets. This was not only uncomfortable but was also a constant reminder of the pain and suffering they had endured. Thanks to the Rainbow Room, these two girls were able to begin to move on from the horrors they experienced.

This is one of many examples of what the Rainbow Room can do for children and families in need. Often families come to the Rainbow Room needing items like cribs, beds, bottles, formula, etc. By obtaining these items quickly families can stabilize their situation, whatever it may be, without having to remove their children from their home.

- Testimony from caseworker Jenny

To learn more about Community Partners of Lubbock or the Rainbow Room, please visit them online at or on Facebook.

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