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Featured Grant Story: HOPE Community of Shalom

What is HOPE Community of Shalom?

HOPE Community of Shalom is a multicultural coalition focused on the Heart of Lubbock neighborhood that builds on the assets of the community and seeks to empower the people of the community. Their focus of service is within walking distance of their facility. Programs and ministries include; Shalom Readers/Shalom Kids, Loaves and Fishes, Begin Again Boutique, Books for Kids, Project Lighthouse, Living Abundantly, Fiesta Domingo, Wilderness Ministries, Creative Ministries, C.O.V.E. and Liberty Learning Center.

Elevate Hope is an engaging program designed to help students navigate the uncharted territory of their adolescent years. Social, character, and self-esteem issues are addressed through Elevate Hope. Students also learn of academic, leadership, and fine arts opportunities to help them grow as an individual. These opportunities are presented to students to show them that they have the option to make positive choices for their futures.

Specific community issues addressed through Elevate Hope are; low self-esteem, depression, character building, bullying, opportunities for a better future, education, fine arts, and sports.

Elevate Hope helps students make positive choices in academics, as well as in social situations. The students learn they can have a future free of drugs, violence, and hopelessness. Through Elevate Hope they learn to have hope for a better future.

HOPE Community of Shalom in Action

Vanessa* had trouble getting her son, Jacob*, to go to school. He didn’t want to go to school and didn’t want to try for success in anything.

Upon completion of the Elevate Hope program, Vanessa saw a considerable change in Jacob’s behavior. For the first time ever, Jacob wanted to go to school and to do well. He began doing his homework, resulting in better grades. Vanessa said she believes Jacob’s new outlook on life is due to the Elevate Hope program. Through the care and personal coaching attention he received Jacob now has hope for his future.

Another parent, Mariah*, had four children in the Elevate Hope program. She told HOPE Community of Shalom staff that if it weren’t for Elevate Hope, her children would never have the opportunities they have now. Mariah said the program is helping her children to have positive attitudes toward life, as well as teaching them how to make better choices.

*Names have been changed for privacy and confidentiality.

To learn more about HOPE Community of Shalom, visit them on Facebook.

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