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Ways You Can Help Your Community While Social Distancing

Having a hard time filling your time while social distancing? We can help! Below are a few activities that you can do while stuck at home:

  • Read a book

  • Binge watch a new show

  • Write and act out a play

  • Try a new cookie recipe

  • Organize your “Monica Closet”

  • Plan out all the things you will do once Covid-19 has cleared

  • Make homemade cards for all your favorite people

  • Play a game of basketball with a wadded-up piece of paper and a trashcan

  • Make a homemade facemask

There are also ways that you can help locally without ever leaving your couch. Here are some ways that you can contribute to small businesses and the well-being of your community:

  • Buy a gift card from a local boutique, bar, restaurant, or specialty shop.

  • Call and check on friends, loved ones, and people you know over the age of 60.

  • Help a neighbor in need.

  • Create and send out homemade cards.

  • If you eat out, order from a local non-chain eatery.

  • Go grocery shopping for a person over 60 in your community, or refrain from going to the store in the morning hours to allow them time to find what they need.

Yes, staying home for weeks at a time may not be ideal, but you can make some lemonade with these lemons while still showing love to the people and businesses you care about most!

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