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#SPneighbors Grant Story: Kingdom Come Ministries

Kingdom Come Ministries is another nonprofit that has benefitted from the South Plains Response Fund donations. Co-director Kristin Montgomery describes the organization’s experience through this pandemic, “COVID-19 has stolen so much from many people in this community, but it has also allowed us to build relationships and really function as the hands and feet of Jesus.”

She tells of one family that Kingdom Come Ministries helped, "'Sam' called us early on in desperation. Her husband was one of the first to be let go when the economy shut down. Their 4-year old is in the hospital fighting Leukemia, so Sam was forced to make the decision to quit her job in order to care for him. She needed help with rent and utilities just to stay above water. On top of all this, they had to make the difficult decision to send their other two children to live with family in Waco because they weren't able to care for them. Because of the grant, Kingdom Come received from the Community Foundation, we were able to help them with rent, utilities, and groceries during this unprecedented season. They were beyond grateful and overwhelmed with the help they received. Sam was able to be in the hospital with their sweet little one and they were able to bring their other two children home to be with their dad after they were caught up with their bills. The impact on this family was great. They continue to struggle but they were reunited, as a family should be and they are starting to feel hopeful again."

This grant allowed for Kingdom Come Ministries to accommodate the rising amount of people in need of a free meal and hygiene items through their Mobile Food Pantry and Crisis Benevolence Project. Montgomery expands on the project, “Transportation is a challenge for many families regardless of the pandemic shut down, so we were able to make sure families had what they needed to eat by meeting them where they are instead of asking them to come to us.”

The South Plains Response Fund has and continues to assist nonprofits like Kingdom Come Ministries in our community. Click the link below if you would like to donate to the Response Fund.

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