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2023 Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship Recipients

Each year this prestigious, 4-year, $20,000 scholarship is given to Lubbock County High School students pursuing their education in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, or Engineering. The Foundation would like to congratulate the nine 2023 recipients for the Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship!

The Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship is intended to provide significant scholarship support for Lubbock County’s best and brightest students both now and for generations to come! The Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship Endowment was established at the Community Foundation of West Texas in late 2006 with a gift of $3 million. Since its inception, the Community Foundation of West Texas has awarded 94 scholarships totaling more than $1.7 million!

Read more about each recipient below:

Zhikai Tang - Lubbock High School

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • "I plan on pursuing research opportunities in my undergrad studies, not only because it would allow me access to even more bleeding edge technology than I would be able to otherwise, but also because I am itching to finally be able to make a contribution towards this new revolution of technology. My plans also don't stop there, I plan on pursuing a PhD with the final goal of becoming a professor. This is so that I not only get to do research that only need to focus on bettering mankind, but I also get to educate the future engineers that will in their numbers change the world far more than I can by myself. My passion is in enabling new experiences and new possibilities for mankind, and my college education will be the first step towards this goal."

Tony Wang - Lubbock High School

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • Biochemistry

  • "While I do not yet know which field of medicine I’d like to specialize in, a degree in biochemistry would provide me with foundational knowledge necessary for any career within medicine. I know that any school I attend will provide me with endless resources and a top-tier faculty and student body that will push me to success within medicine. Ultimately, what I’d like to do with my college education is to help others eradicate the fear that I once associated with medicine."

Caedmon Barron - Lubbock High School

  • SMU

  • Computer Science or Computer Engineering

  • "I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue an education that will give me opportunities to contribute to humanity's future. An engineering bachelor's degree alongside a master's degree in business administration will allow me to navigate the STEM field with confidence and increased productivity to more effectively meet my goals of developing technology that can improve safety, the standard of living, and our treatment of our Earth. I plan to use my future position to bring about positive change in our world."

Andrew Lee - Lubbock High School

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • Computer Science

  • "In my undergraduate years I hope to intimately learn about the subject of computer science, and establish a foundation that I will carry into real world problems. I plan to seek postgraduate courses - very possibly a doctorate - in order to arrive at the forefront of this ever expanding field. Technology and computational machines have permeated into every aspect in everyday life, and because of this I see college as the gateway into a world that I desire to learn about."

Kumaren Anand - Lubbock High School

  • Rice University

  • Cell Biology and Genetics

  • "Armed with my college education, I plan to obtain a Ph.D. and complete postdoctoral training. Through this process, I plan on further specializing my knowledge of biomedical sciences, diving deep into genetics research in order to solidify my expertise. Ultimately, I aim to be a Principal Investigator with my own university lab, where I plan to lead biomedical research projects that derive solutions that will have significant impacts on human health. As an academic, I would also have the opportunity to educate future generations in the finer mechanics of biomedical sciences. My passion is to work at the very frontier of medicine, discovering new answers for those suffering from currently incurable diseases. My college education at Rice University will be the first step down that path."

Alfonzo Salvador - Lubbock High School

  • Texas Tech University

  • Biochemistry

  • "Following my university education, I plan to obtain a doctorate in pharmacy through the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and their Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy in Amarillo. I aim to become involved in pharmaceutical research and development to tackle the issues presented by emerging, infectious diseases like COVID-19, which will only become more common with the threat of climate change. By being involved in the cutting-edge research of medical technologies, I plan to develop effective and affordable medical treatments that reach every community, laying down knowledge key to the problems of future research. In our interconnected world, it’s my goal to help suppress the threats of potential pandemics as quickly as possible."

Leonardo de Farias - Lubbock High School

  • Emory University

  • Math and Computer Science

  • "Our family was surprised when my grandfather was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, a blood cancer that ruthlessly attacks white blood cells...I questioned why even the most experienced human doctors are imperfect in their tasks. Amid quiet reflection, I realized that AI, the field that recently ignited my passion for computer science and mathematics, could solve that pressing issue...Hence, I took the initiative to pursue a lifelong project, one that still continues today: creating Cancer-3 Blood Oncologist (C-3BO). After three prolonged years of hard work and dedication, C-3BO, both an app and a website, can proficiently diagnose various forms of leukemia, predict the BCRABL1 paired gene that affects chronic myeloid leukemia, and interpret its own diagnoses...Asides from becoming independent and dwelling in a new community, I plan to attend college to expose myself to the necessary prerequisites for learning AI and to leverage C-3BO on campus."

Carter Lewis - Monterey High School

  • Baylor University

  • Computer Science

  • "I hope to use my education not only for my personal benefit, but also to contribute to the greater good of the world around me. A career in computer science will give me the chance to work towards the development of technology such as AI, automation, and cybersecurity, all of which will have a profound impact on our daily lives. My plan is to pursue a leadership role at a software company in order to combine my talents in computer science and my gift of leadership."

William Cardenas - Frenship High School

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • "Studying mechanical engineering in college and being able to pursue a career in that field would allow me to apply my passion for math, science, and STEM into a fulfilling and interesting career that would help improve the lives of others. I have worked very hard in High School to ensure that I would be accepted into a highly ranked and prestigious engineering program. I am proud of my accomplishments and excited about the opportunities I now have. I will continue to work diligently to ensure I am able to get the best possible education so I can enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge I need to be successful. Getting a degree in engineering and completing my college education will give me the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world we live in!"


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