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CFWT Grant Story: Buckner Children and Family Services

With a grant from the Community Foundation of West Texas, Buckner Children and Family Services continued to provide support and a sense of security to their clients. A Buckner member reported, “They just need a little support and help to get through the hard times and have someone believe in them.” The organization tells of one client’s story:

“We had one mom that is outgoing, energetic, and determined to be a success. She always smiles and has a hug for anyone. She is the mom to a teenager and a tween-ager. A son and a daughter that are the reason she is working so hard to change her life with a college degree. She is doing a lot of her classes online which helps when you are playing taxi to your children’s activities. On a tight budget and making ends meet is a struggle. When paying tuition, she encountered a severe bump in the road. With the help of a financial advisor that volunteers her time to work with the moms of Family Pathways, she helped our mom apply for and receive a $5,000 scholarship through PEO chapter!”

With just a bit of help, a mom can change her life and her children’s lives. A Buckner rep wrote, “Providing the financial help and encouragement to be able to purchase the textbooks, computer, childcare, gas, car repairs or tires can make all the difference in her degree or returning to a minimum wage job.” The organization sees moms who graduate from Tech, Wayland, LCU, and South Plains with honors each year with the help of their program.

To support the Community Foundation of West Texas and other local organizations like Buckner Children and Family Services, please click the following link:


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