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CFWT Grant Story: Community Health Center of Lubbock

The Community Health Center of Lubbock partnered with the City of Lubbock Health Department and other local agencies to produce video and social media ads about COVID safety and the vaccine with a grant from the Community Foundation of West Texas. The organization also provided vaccine recipients with educational handouts in both English and Spanish. With consistent messaging and the partnerships listed above, the CHCL was able to get updated and accurate COVID-19 information out to the community. The organization said it “has vaccinated 412 minority individuals” to date and will continue to vaccinate individuals in the community as they receive supplies.

One CHCL patient said, “I am very thankful I was able to get the vaccine through CHCL. I was going through a hard time trying to get in to other places and was glad CHCL reached out to me. I was nervous to receive the vaccine, but the staff made me feel comfortable by providing more information and education on the safety of the vaccine and what to do if we had any symptoms following the vaccine. I appreciate the hard work of all those working to get the vaccine to the community.”

If you would like to give to the Community Foundation of West Texas, you can donate through this link:


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