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CFWT Grant Story: Refuge Services

Refuge Services served over 250 veterans and their families, in 2019, with funding from the Community Foundation of West Texas. More than 75 of the veterans and family members were involved in the organization's 40-week therapy program--others participated in Refuge Services' outreach events that support family time with other veterans at the ranch. A Refuge Services rep wrote, “Due to 2019 state grant reallocations through Texas Veterans Commission, this program was in jeopardy of losing ground. We needed our community to step up and help us bridge the gap for our hurting veterans and their families.”

So far in 2020, Refuge Services has provided over 120 hours of equine-assisted therapy programming for veterans and their families. The nonprofit reports that they were “able to support 12 veterans with physical as well as emotional challenges through 80 hours of equine-assisted therapy programming.” Funds were used to help veterans and their loved ones in the Lubbock area in need of hippotherapy (HT), therapeutic riding (TR), and/or equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) services.

Refuge Services states, “Veterans’ lives are being changed! Veterans went from not leaving their house and experiencing severe depression, anxiety, and anger to holding down a job and finding joy, peace, and family stability.”

To give to the Community Foundation of West Texas and help other local nonprofits like Refuge Services, click the link that follows:


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