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CFWT Grant Story: Science Spectrum

With financial assistance from the South Plains COVID-19 Response Fund, the Science Spectrum was able to care for and feed their live animals, as well as, created COVID-friendly learning experiences for children. Due to the pandemic, the Science Spectrum was closed for four months with little to no income. The museum had to retain its staff in order to feed the live creatures and meet the care requirements of their Department of Agriculture Permits.

With in-person visits no longer a possibility, the Science Spectrum created virtual experiences for the public. The museum said, “Virtual education programs were soon developed with animal encounters on social media, as well as Zoom teacher produced field trips.” The staff of the Science Spectrum also provided science activity kits available through curbside pick-up for hundreds of community members. These Zoom programs and stem kits provided newly virtual learning students with fun educational opportunities. A Science Spectrum rep stated, “Serving kids and families who have had a desperate need for activity as they have been confined, has been very fulfilling for the staff. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes a long way!”

To donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas and help other local organizations like the Science Spectrum, please click the following link:


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