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CFWT Mini-Grants for Teachers Story: Heritage Middle School

With Mini-Grant funding from the Community Foundation of West Texas, a 7th grade Heritage Middle School teacher continued their “Literature Circles” project. This project involved students selecting a novel, working with a group to complete weekly tasks on their reading, and show comprehension of the book by participating in a student lead celebration.

The teacher detailed the project by saying:

“Literature Circles was a major success! Students were excited to work with groups and select books that interested them. Student reading increased this year. We were able to complete two full rounds of Literature Circles. Students completed different literary tasks during the Literature Circle Units that showed mastery of the ELAR TEKS.

Students were able to show character and plot development by “hosting” the party. The other Lit. Circle party students participated in was a Book Showcase. Students built booths that represented their novels, and we invited the 6th-grade students to join in the fun. My students had games/activities that represent their novels and gave the 6th-grade students a book summary.”

To contribute to the Community Foundation of West Texas and help other local teachers through the Mini-Grants for Teachers grant, please click the following link:


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