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CFWT Mini-Grants for Teachers Story: Roosevelt Elementary

With a Mini-Grant for Teachers from the Community Foundation of West Texas, one Roosevelt Elementary 4th grade teacher supplied her Osmo Universe for Little Geniuses project. This project emphasized skills such as fractions, math, and managing money. Through this program, students were able to work on concepts they found difficult and improve. The teacher describes the program below:

“Money. It's all around us but it is one of the most difficult concepts for students. Using the Osmo Pizza Co program my struggling students were able to practice counting money and making change. Even my more advanced students found it challenging! One of my struggling students really stands out for this story. This student really struggled to make change when given a certain amount of money. She worked on the Pizza Co program very slowly and would struggle to keep up with the pizza demand. She was able to gradually increase her working speed and was able to start keeping up with the demand. Using the Osmo program she gained a better understanding of how to make change! She showed great improvements using the Pizza Co program!”

If you would like to help other teachers in the West Texas area, through the Mini-Grants for Teachers grant, please click the following link:


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