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CFWT Grant Story: Ringtail Ranch Lemur Rescue

With a Community Foundation of West Texas Animal Welfare grant, Ringtail Ranch Lemur Rescue installed three new windows in its lemur enclosure. The nonprofit says lemurs are “diurnal and seek sunlight to sunbathe in the mornings and afternoons. This {the windows} gives them their daily source of Vitamin D.” The addition of the windows to the lemur’s habitat aid in the well-being of the animals and their mental, physical, and emotional health. Without a proper habitat and care, the Madagascar natives can experience bone deficiencies, hair or tail loss, lack of appetite, anxiety, and obesity, among other issues.

The organization began in 2020 and is home to more than twenty rescued lemurs. The Ringtail Ranch provides sanctuary to abandoned and captive-bred lemurs from across Texas. The Lemur Rescue reported, “Due to the complexity of their mental capacity and emotional needs, they are not adopted out or rehomed, making it vital for them to have proper life-long habitats with as much sunlight as possible.” A couple of CFWT employees had the opportunity to visit the rescue center, see the organization’s mission, and how funds were used firsthand. See the photos from the site visit and video grant report with founder Jeanna Treider below:

To give to the Community Foundation of West Texas and support organizations like Ringtail Ranch Lemur Rescue, donate through the following link:


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