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Mini-Grants for Teachers CFWT Grant Story: Levelland

With a mini-grant from the Community Foundation of West Texas, a Levelland Middle School teacher brought her “Visualizing the Spectrum” project to life. The teacher’s goal for the project was for students to understand what the spectral lines mean and how they relate to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The teacher reported that with the “use of the Spectrum Analysis set and apparatus, all students had the benefit to see different spectral lines of different gasses.”

The middle school teacher further explained the project: “The spectral lines (these are compared to fingerprints) indicate the type of electromagnetic energy they release. They were able to differentiate the types of gasses used through the spectral lines of each different gas and compare these spectral lines on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The students were able to compare why they see through the spectroscopes of a has with the spectral lines of an illustration on paper of the same gas.”

To help other teachers implement new learning curriculum, donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas today through the link that follows:


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