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CFWT Scholarship Spotlight: Nathaniel Castillo

Nathaniel Castillo, the salutatorian of the 2021 Tahoka High School class, is now taking classes at Lubbock Christian University. Nathaniel says, “I am leaning towards majoring in psychology because I feel it is such an interesting field.” Nathaniel wants to be able to support his family and help those in need drastically.

Nathaniel was an A honor roll student in high school and an all-state academic football and basketball player. Castillo’s interests include music, reading, anything creative, and sports.

In his thank-you note, Nathaniel wrote:

“I am beyond excited to get on campus and start this new chapter of my life. I have high aspirations for myself and plan to do everything I can to achieve them. I would be nothing without the support of the people around me, and like them, your support and the opportunity you provide for me enables me to reach unknown heights.”


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