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CFWT Grant Story: OneVoiceHome

In 2021, OneVoiceHome purchased tactile and training resources to create a sensory room with a Parkhill Building Community Fund grant, a Component Fund of the Community Foundation of West Texas. The organization purchased items like art supplies, musical instruments, and comfort objects to fill the room and provide a space for recharge and de-escalation for survivors. The nonprofit writes, “It is very normal for overstimulation to occur for a survivor on their healing journey. Having this space for them to escape to has been irreplaceable.”

The space has become a daily resource for survivors to “move towards relational stabilization, physical comfort, and spiritual serenity,” OneVoiceHome reports. Before April 2020, the organization did not have a space for therapeutic services such as counseling. This room not only provides a private space to host sessions but is also filled with sensory items so counseling efforts can be maximized. The sensory room and resources showcase what healing can look like through a holistic lens with activities like gardening and art.

Today, the organization offers additional therapies through this grant: yoga therapy, sand tray therapy, music therapy, and many others. OneVoiceHome states, “Before this grant, the only therapy that was occurring was talk therapy. Through the generosity of Parkhill, the impact of the healing journey for survivors through therapeutic healing has been nothing short of incredible.” To donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas and support other organizations like OneVoiceHome, click the following link:

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