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CFWT Grant Story: Open Door

In 2021, Open Door received a grant from the Community Foundation of West Texas to fund vital services the organization provides to further its mission of cultivating community, opportunity, and restoration with people experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Project funding provided nearly 300 individuals with assistance in areas that include personal record retrieval, receiving employment, housing, and other services. Grant dollars were also used to supply more than 1,000 people with hygiene items and first aid care. The organization writes, “These services have been essential in helping individuals and families improve and maintain their health, access critical services, and move from homelessness into permanent housing.”

Open Door’s staff offers support to homeless individuals in the process of acquiring personal records by walking them through the steps online and in person, transporting them to locations throughout the city, and covering document fees. The nonprofit explains: “This level of support is necessary, especially for people in homelessness who often lack transportation and face obstacles to navigating the service system. The process of obtaining vital records is well-known for its challenges, and these have become even more challenging during the pandemic with system delays and changes in the process.”

To donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas and support other organizations like Open Door, click the following link:

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