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Post-Garza County Endowment Grant Story: Community Recovery Center

The Community Recovery Center was able to purchase a new projector and screen with a grant from the Post-Garza County Endowment. This equipment went in their training room to provide educators and clients with a safer environment with no extension cords running across the floor.

The funds we also used for transportation and supplies for their Red Ribbon program that the Community Recovery Center presented to local and county schools, as well as, juvenile centers. Christopher Atkinson explains the program, “The program was presented to the schools in an assembly format that engaged the students and staff in activities identifying the dangers of alcohol/drug and tobacco use and positive skills in addressing those issues and help that was available for those issues.”

Atkinson his report by saying, “The activities were highly interactive and the response form schools was that a positive program had been provided to the students and that the message was well presented in a manner that had an impact on the students and staff and repetition of the program reinforces the lesson.” If you want to support organizations like the Community Recovery Center, donate through this link: .


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