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Slaton Area Endowment Grant Story: Slaton Railroad Heritage Association

With a grant from the Slaton Area Endowment, the Slaton Railroad Heritage Association purchased new chairs, a round table, projector screen, and a utility cart for The Slaton Harvey House event center. An event center representative wrote, “Each item has positively changed the way we’re able to serve our community and guests by providing them more room and options for events.”

The Slaton Harvey House replaced its old metal seating with 80 new chairs for guest use. The organization said the chairs are “lighter weight and easier for our board members to handle, as well as, our guests.” The chairs arrived in time for a September wedding hosted at the center. A Harvey House member commented that the “black folding chairs looked elegant with the table coverings used and blended well with the antique woodwork of the Harvey House.”

The Slaton Harvey House explained the importance of the other equipment bought with the SAE funding in the remainder of their report. The utility cart has made serving and cleaning during events a breeze and is used extensively. The extra round table has allowed the event center to host larger meetings and gatherings. The Slaton Harvey House also purchased a projector screen "to use in the event hall for meetings and special events when people would like to show pictures," an event center member stated.

The organization closed the report by saying, "these purchases have improved the function of the Harvey House while allowing us to maintain and preserve the architecture and history of the building.” To donate to the Slaton Area Endowment and help other nonprofits in the Slaton area, please use the link provided below.


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