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Slaton Area Endowment Grant Story: Slaton Senior Citizens Association

Slaton Senior Citizens Association purchased Oliver Trays to serve their clients with a grant from the Slaton Area Endowment. The trays made the process easier and faster for staff members packaging meals. The organization says, “The trays have made all the difference.”

An SSCA representative elaborates on the effectiveness of the packaging, “Many of our Home Delivered Meal (HDM) recipients do not have the hand strength to open the aluminum tray seals and are often cut by the sharpness of the edges. With these trays, one simply pulls the corner of the film and their meal is ready to eat.”

The nonprofit has increased their number of HDMs since receiving the funding and say, “The packaging is light-weight which aids with the overall weight of the storage containers,” as they transport and deliver to their clients. To donate to the Slaton Area Endowment and help other nonprofits in the Slaton area, please use the link provided below.


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