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#SPneighbors Grant Story: Hub City Outreach

During 2020, Hub City Outreach Center, with the help of the Response Fund, provided those in need with financial aid, clothing, and hygiene items. Co-founder Adam Barrera says, “Because of our funding from CFWTX, we were able to broaden our expansion by offering more than basic need items for families, like household cleaning supplies and small financial aid to help cover a utility bill.”

He explains further about their mission for this project, “If we could provide parents with just the essentials of toothbrushes, toothpaste, laundry detergent and maybe some food, this would help ease the cost of financial responsibilities towards rent and utilities.”

Barrera references one man from Africa impacted by the funding, who recently moved to Lubbock with his pregnant girlfriend. He had been looking for a job while making deliveries to feed his family, but the delivery money was not enough to cover rent and utilities. Barrera shares, “The items we gave him were so impactful, that less than five minutes after we left, he sent us a page long thank you that was filled with appreciation and gratefulness. On the next day, he sent us pictures of him dressed in a hospital gown and a baby in his arms. For him and his family, the money and personal items we provided were more than just a gift, they were a sign hope of good things to come.”

Hub City Outreach assisted several families in our community regain some form of normalcy during such unprecedented times, “Families and Kids have always been our target, so if we could help keep a sense of normal in a household by helping provide something simple as a toothbrush or hair ties, this would make parents feel a little relieved and hopefully reduce stress caused by unemployment or reduced hours from COVID-19.”

If you wish to donate to the South Plains COVID-19 Relief Fund, use the following link:


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