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CFWT Grant Story: A Place for Us Greyhound Rescue

A Place for Us Greyhound Rescue, with financial assistance from the Community Foundation of West Texas, cared for dogs with unusual and expensive medical needs. The rescue nurtured dogs with health issues like thrombocytopenia, fractured legs, abscessed teeth, and surgical removal of a damaged eye. One A Place for Us Greyhound Rescue representative says, “Financial stability preserves the rescue group’s solvency and assures that they can continue to meet the future needs of dogs, families, and the community.”

The Greyhound Rescue not only addresses the animal’s medical needs but also commits to training and socializing each animal before they are available for adoption. The organization works to ensure that every dog ends up at their furever home with the best family possible. Each applicant must undergo a home visit to confirm that it is a perfect fit.

The organization states that they “work constantly to earn the respect of the community by providing comprehensive and meaningful care to the dogs that are in need of its help and assistance.” To donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas and help other local organizations like the A Place for Us Greyhound Rescue, please click the following link:


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