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CFWT Mini-Grants for Teachers Story: Kingdom Preparatory Academy

Kingdom Preparatory Academy purchased items to create STEM centers for the Kindergarten class with Mini-Grant funding from the Community Foundation of West Texas. The STEM centers allowed the "little engineers," as the KPA Kindergarten teacher says to gain "knowledge and confidence in science, math, problem-solving, collaboration, and negotiation, through the creation and exploration of real-world technologies, simple machines, and engineering-type building materials." The students used the STEM centers almost daily to learn about shapes, motion, and simple machines in a fun, interactive way by building things like zoos, robots, and space stations.

The KPA teacher says: "This year 26 kindergarten students were served with this unique grant! The wonderful thing about this is that it will continue to serve 100s of children at Kingdom Preparatory Academy for many years to come."

To donate to the Community Foundation of West Texas and help other teachers incorporate new learning opportunities for their students, use the following link:


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